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Programming Skills (Basic)

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Problem NameDifficultySolution Link
1523. Count Odd Numbers in an Interval RangeEasyView Solutions
1491. Average Salary Excluding the Minimum and Maximum SalaryEasyView Solutions
191. Number of 1 BitsEasyView Solutions
1281. Subtract the Product and Sum of Digits of an IntegerEasyView Solutions
976. Largest Perimeter TriangleEasyView Solutions
1779. Find Nearest Point That Has the Same X or Y CoordinateEasyView Solutions
1822. Sign of the Product of an ArrayEasyView Solutions
1502. Can Make Arithmetic Progression From SequenceEasyView Solutions
202. Happy NumberEasyView Solutions
1790. Check if One String Swap Can Make Strings EqualEasyView Solutions
589. N-ary Tree Preorder TraversalEasyView Solutions
496. Next Greater Element IEasyView Solutions
1232. Check If It Is a Straight LineEasyView Solutions
1588. Sum of All Odd Length SubarraysEasyView Solutions
283. Move ZeroesEasyView Solutions
1672. Richest Customer WealthEasyView Solutions
1572. Matrix Diagonal SumEasyView Solutions
566. Reshape the MatrixEasyN/A
1768. Merge Strings AlternatelyEasyView Solutions
1678. Goal Parser InterpretationEasyN/A
389. Find the DifferenceEasyView Solutions
709. To Lower CaseEasyN/A
1309. Decrypt String from Alphabet to Integer MappingEasyN/A
953. Verifying an Alien DictionaryEasyN/A
1290. Convert Binary Number in a Linked List to IntegerEasyN/A
876. Middle of the Linked ListEasyN/A
104. Maximum Depth of Binary TreeEasyView Solutions
404. Sum of Left LeavesEasyView Solutions
1356. Sort Integers by The Number of 1 BitsEasyView Solutions
232. Implement Queue using StacksEasyN/A
242. Valid AnagramEasyN/A
217. Contains DuplicateEasyView Solutions
1603. Design Parking SystemEasyN/A
303. Range Sum Query - ImmutableEasyN/A